We have created a case studies area for clients to better understand how we, as a company, go about this type of work.

Please look at our services section to see the full range of services we offer to complement each design. 

Job Pack

For this type of work your job pack will have:                                                                                                           

  • Covering letter, detailed costings and specification on works
  • Detailed 3D designs from RCM and manufacturers when required
  • Applications and approvals where applicable
  • Payment schedule

On completion, any necessary certification – such as building control, electrical, gas, oil – is carried out and completed by RCM & Co Ltd. These certificates are then added to, and complete, the job pack for future reference.


Site protection & cleanliness

Any area that we are working in/using for access is fully protected at the start of works and is left in place until completion. The type of protection used depends on the surface, we often use a mix of correx floor protection sheets, roll and stroll carpet protector and roll and stroll hard surface protector.

RCM will dispose of all rubbish unless otherwise directed by the client, usually a skip will be on site for the duration of the works. Should there not be room for a skip or the size of works does not require a skip, then any rubbish is carefully stored before being taken away.
With wet trades, such as plastering and tiling, a waste water point is brought to site which is then disposed of off site, rather than it being poured down public drains or onto flower beds.
Please see the Protection gallery to see examples.


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