Mill Street, London

Mill Street, London


Stage 1 

We had completed the ground floor of this building for this client as was asked to complete to the flat above. As we had worked with this client and building before, we already had a good idea of the project involved. However, this was a larger project as spilt over two floors.

The project involved creating all the rooms, as was an empty warehouse space, moving the staircase, structural work for the balconies, two en-suites, a WC, 2 bedrooms, dressing room and kitchen living area.

As we had worked with this client before we aware of the budget, style and designs. As usual we used our BIMX software to the client visualise the new layout and design.

The project involved new plumbing, heating and electrical systems, bespoke carpentry and a feature curved wall.



Stage 2

The existing staircase had to be repositioned, so structural work was taken for the new staircase and the preparation for the new balconies.

The first fix stage was to level out all floors throughout on both floors. To do this we built off the existing joists with additional cross floor joists to create a level floor throughout. The ceilings were dropped on the lower floor,  on the upper level the vaulted ceiling was kept, but we prepared for the installations of two roof lights.

At this stage we were able to first fix all plumbing, heating and electrical systems.

With floor and ceiling ready we were able to install the metal stud walls to create the divides between rooms. A curved feature was created on the upper part of the staircase, creating an welcoming entrance to the upper level.

With all rooms created we could move on to boarding out and plastering the walls and ceilings.  

Underfloor heating was installed throughout the upper level. This was then covered with Correx, which is a protection for flooring.





Stage 3

This stage involved 2nd fixing of the plumbing & electrics throughout. Fitting all kitchen units, work tops and appliances; the WC and ensuites sanitary ware; and bespoke fitted wardrobes in the bedroom.

Wood floor was laid throughout the living areas and tiled floors in WC and ensuites.  Lastly all internal doors were fitted.



Stage 4

At the finishing stage, all paperwork was completed and any remedial works carried out. The whole site was then cleared and a cleaning company employed to finish off to a high, professional standard.



Stage 5

On  completion  of  the  job  all  necessary  warranties  came  into  play  and the  RCM  team  were  on  hand  for  any  queries  or  issues.  

For  further  details  regarding  any  of  the  above,  please  refer  to RCM  Contractors  on  our  website .

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