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by Beth RCM on May 23, 2016 Comments Off on Laura

I approached RCM after discovering numerous problems in my new property, RCM first helped me by completing a heat calc of my property, discovering that existing radiators were too small to allow my boiler to get any of the rooms up to temperature, meaning that my boiler was running constantly, RCM came and promptly installed the correct size radiators that allowed me to have a warm house over Christmas.

So then I didn’t hesitate to contact them when I developed slow running drains and malodours in my bathroom. They came out to investigate and found out (not to my surprise at this point) that the existing plumbing hadn’t been fitted correctly; I had an array of issues from pipes being too small in diameter to trying to make water run uphill! We agreed that to fix the existing problems and to stop anything worse happening in the near future that it would be best to change from the plastic fittings to a copper system as most of the pipework is completely inaccessible for maintenance.

They then spent time to help me plan an new bathroom with top quality materials and presented me with a full computer animated design of my new bathroom and an in-depth quote so I knew exactly what aspects we costing me what, allowing me to make adjustments to suit my budget.

I would recommend RCM to anyone who is looking for a great quality service where the “contractors” use their expertise to make the most out of the space you have giving you a product that truly suits your needs and is sensitive to the surrounding décor.

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