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Joanna & James

by Beth RCM on March 24, 2018 Comments Off on Joanna & James
RCM have transformed our house.  We had various walls knocked down to make the dining room, the utility room and the kitchen into one big family living area which looks amazing.  In addition, we had a porch extension to the front of the house which included a vaulted ceiling to enable a stunning glass window feature with beams above the front door.  
The transformation is absolutely fantastic and we cannot recommend RCM enough.  Rob, Lee and their team together with all the Contractors who were brought in were very well presented, polite, efficient, considerate and full of good ideas.  We had a number of meetings with Rob and Lee beforehand to discuss all of our thoughts and plans so we knew exactly what was going on.  RCM’s work is certainly quality and schedules were adhered to.  
We would like to thank all of RCM for their excellent work and for making our House a real family home.
Many thanks,
Joanna and James
Beth RCMJoanna & James